Friday, 28 January 2011

SATURDAY 29th JANUARY 2011 08:10 GMT

THIS DAY IN WW2 (29.1.1941)
In East Africa... Allied forces cross the border from Kenya into Italian Somaliland. General Cunningham is in command and his forces are 11th and 12th East African Divisions and 1st South African Division. The main attack will not begin until February 10th.

In Greece... Prime Minister Metaxas dies. His successor is Alexander Korizis. Korizis is less decisive than Metaxas and does not have as good a relationship with the Greek Commander in Chief, General Papagos. Although he is, if anything, more ready to accept British help. This change does not contribute to the smooth running of discussions with the British.

In North Africa... The Italians pull out of Derna and begin a retreat toward the west along the coast road.

In Washington... Secret staff talks begin between British and American representatives. The talks will continue until March 27th. They produce conclusions code named ABC1 which state that Allied policy in the event of war with Germany and Japan should be to put the defeat of Germany first. The talks mark an important stage in the development of cooperation between the US and Britain. As well as their important decisions they accustom the staffs to working with each other.

After an ironing marathon yesterday, tidying up is not getting much headway. Some more ironing this morning and possibly some tidying.

I have dumped the contractor I had earmarked and organised a new contractor for phases 3 and 4 of the house refurb, which is a big relief.

Dehumidifier is now pulling off less than 1/2 pint a day out of the air, and washing on radiators dries noticably faster!
Twitter Followers = 1025 (down 2)

I encountered two aggressive belligerent communicators yesterday and I was pleased with how I handled them. In times past, such encounters would have ruined my day, but I have since learned that my fulfilment comes from how I respond to what manifests rather than life mirroring preference. However I have also found life proceeding more smoothly since discovering the discipline of centering, as my outside experience bends towards my inside focus.

NOW is the only time that will ever matter.

Can you see what makes you unique?

It was recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats : D

1 bacon sandwhich, 1 Feasters Burger, 3 biscuits, 1 small chocolate bar, 1 chocolate desert, 1 packet crisps

On January 3 2007 Keth Ellison became the first ever muslim American congressman. He was sworn in on a Qu'ran once owned by Thomas Jefferson. He also became the first African-American congressman elected from the state of Minnesota

All is well!

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