Monday, 15 February 2010

Half-Term Begins!

THIS DAY IN WW2 (15.2.40): The Soviets capture Summa. Finnish forces are ordered to retire from the Mannerheim Line to their intermediate position.

TODAY IN MY LIFE: Barter client in the morning. Paying client in the evening. Family time inbetween as its' half-term.

TODAY'S THOUGHT: You will not find the open door if you're still banging on a closed one.

TODAY'S SELF-OBSERVATION: It is my desire to fulfil my mission that protects me from my own self-destruction.

TODAY'S QUESTION FOR YOU: Whose life will you bless today?

TODAY'S ONELINER: Today the Irish fencing team anounced that they have run out of wood. : D

GARY'S DESERT ISLAND 100 Day 16: JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - White Rabbit: The ultimate hippy psychedelic number.

TODAY'S NAME THAT TUNE: Radio/Video, boogie in a suitcase, you're living in a disco, forget about the rat-race (1980,1990)

TODAY'S AFFIRMATION: I will now return my focus to my task and also the positive and uplifting.

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