Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Rare Free Saturday

THIS DAY IN WW2 (20.2.40) Finnish forces defeat Soviet forces attacking across the frozen Taipale River. The Soviet government offers fresh peace talks.

TODAY IN MY LIFE: A very rare free Saturday. Had lots of "me" time already, hope to get some more, some family time and some contemplation.

TODAY'S THOUGHT: A big life is made of many small moments.

TODAY'S SELF-OBSERVATION: I like every other have within me the potential for the most horrific evil and the most profound good. I must be careful where I walk.

TODAY'S QUESTION FOR YOU: If rather than separate from everything, you worked on the assumption you were one with everything, would that change what you did?

TODAY'S ONELINER: There was a fire in London's banking district today, but it was put out before any serious good was done. : D

GARY'S DESERT ISLAND 100 Day 21: FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE - Stacy's Mom: The ultimate MILF number. Shame I'm now at least as old as one!

TODAY'S NAME THAT TUNE: Well the kids don't eat and the dog can't sleep, there's no escape from the music in the whole damn street, 'cause she's playin' all night, and the music's alright...(1975)

TODAY'S AFFIRMATION: I will focus all my power to bless and heal on THIS moment.

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