Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rushed off on the hoof!

THIS DAY IN WW2 (25.2.40) The Royal Navy ships Escort, Imogen and Inglefield and the submarine Narwhal sink a German U-boat off northwest Scotland. The Scandinavian foreign ministers reaffirm their countries' neutrality.

TODAY IN MY LIFE: Networking first thing, domestic then Bradford Beerfest (hooray!)

TODAY'S THOUGHT: There is always enough time for what you need, but rarely for what you want.

TODAY'S SELF-OBSERVATION: I am here to learn, something I know already, but never before in this way.

TODAY'S QUESTION FOR YOU: Which is the most important question about yourself, why, how or who?

TODAY'S ONELINER: I yoozed 2 b dizlegzic but eyem awl wite now : D

GARY'S DESERT ISLAND 100 Day 26: LIEUTENANT PIGEON - Mouldy Old Dough: Just good fun

TODAY'S NAME THAT TUNE: When you ask for a rise it's no surprise to find that they're giving none away (1973)

TODAY'S AFFIRMATION: I will find the time to be calm and remember who I am.

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