Friday, 11 March 2011

SATURDAY 12th MARCH 2011 08:40 GMT

THIS DAY IN WW2 (12.3.1941)
In Washington... President Roosevelt presents an Appropriations Bill for Lend-Lease to Congress for $7billion.

An ordinary Saturday is usually uneventful - "me time", supplementary job and tea/telly, although they are always mind-development opportunities.

Twitter Followers = 1054 (up 1)
Yesterday the dehumidifier extracted: 1 pint = 600 mls - laundry!

TODAY'S SELF-OBSERVATION (skip this today unless you're questioning the meaning of life!)
In my personal growth it's important that I'm several levels in advance of my clients, in order to properly help them. For them, the therapy is egocentric, i.e. to give them tools to manage their lives as individual beings within the context of their already-established beliefs. For myself however, my self-development is Dharmic, shifting from the perspective of the individual to that of Universal Consciousness. I cannot yet hold this persective for prolonged periods, and that is my next objective.

If you choose to adopt the Dharmic perspective, you have to accept that there is no true "me" or "you" - how you see yourself and the world is only an idea and set of assumptions concluded from experience. Everything I think and feel is only a single-point experience of natural forces and energies. The Dharmic objective is to reach an observation level above thoughts and feelings and see them as just another part of the whole picture.

This is not easy when all your life you've believed you were a small temporary individual in a very large universe. All your reactions are based on this assumption! Your mind has to be first completely focused on Dharma as an objective, and then persevere with practices that make the mind so calm and detatched that consciousness can disentangle itself from mind and experience the universe from above the mind's perception. It is this disentangling process that I'm engaged in, which can be quite prolonged, as there are infinite distractions. I've found letting go of anger is particularly difficult as it's a powerful survival tool - I enjoy the power-rush, but I cannot know the peace of Universal Consciousness and anger at the same time.

The average person's thoughts are like diffuse light - scattered, sometimes illuminating, but powerless. The person focused on one objective, his thought is like a laser-beam, capable of cutting through steel.

Have you got dreams or intentions?

This is an "out of office" e-mail. Actually I could pick up your message anywhere and anytime I like, but I can't be arsed! : D

1 bacon butty, 4 choc biscuits, 1 can curry, 1 Milky Way, 1 Liegois dessert, 1 packet crisps.

Ostriches can run faster than horses.

Focused fully on my intention!

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